Welcome to USF Seismology Group's virtual webserver!

Server specs:


Maintenance info:

Passwords are local - not synced with NETID. Access is by ssh thompsong@vps-geoscience-web1.it.usf.edu

sudo access is needed to modify any web content, which is at /var/www/html

Original purpose of this server:

The webserver was setup for computing IceWeb spectrograms. IceWeb is now an application distributed with GISMO. The spectrograms are generated on newton.rc.usf.edu and stored at newton:/raid/data/spectrograms. This is mounted in the /etc/fstab table on the webserver. PhP codes are then available on this webserver to browse through this extensive archive of spectrograms. These PhP codes form the repository "iceweb_php" which is also hosted on github (but quite separate to GISMO). This is a clone of a github repository hosted at http://geoscience-community-codes.github.io/IceWeb